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Product Description

The fifth basic taste (alongside sweet, sour, salty, and bitter) is named umami, meaning "savoriness" in Japanese. We combine fresh coconut with a unique flavor profile of umami to create a slightly sweet and salty smoky flavor that both intrigues and pleases. Light and airy, you won't be able to just eat just 1. Fortunately, each container offers a full salad's serving of kale with the added bonus of superfoods.

Kale*, Coconut*, Cashew*, Extra Virgin Olive Oil*, Vermont Maple Syrup*, Coconut Aminos*, Hickory Smoke. (*organic)

Specs & Features
  • Ingredient:
  • Cashews , Extra Virgin Olive Oil , Hickory Smoke , Kale , Liquid Aminos , Maple Syrup , Onion Powder , Probiotics , Shredded Coconut

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