Frequently Asked Questions


Our juices are 100% gluten free. We source local, raw honey for some of our nutmilks, just check out the ingredient lists for your preferences. We’ve got lots of delicious options if you need to be honey-free!

We guarantee our juice for 5 days. Remember, your juice is deliciously raw and needs to be refrigerated. Start your cleanse the morning after you receive your juice, and if you’re cleansing longer than 3 days you’ll get another freshly-pressed delivery from us!

We offer cleanses anywhere from 1 to 7 or more days. We recommend starting with a 3 day and working your way up to 5 or 7. A 3 day cleanse is a great way to kickstart your health and experience some real detoxification. A longer cleanse provides deeper levels of purification for the body.

Most people experience detox symptoms strongly for the first 3 days and then transition into a newly found energy, clarity, and lightness. A longer cleanse provides the opportunity to get through the “gunk-clearing” stage and viscerally feel a new inner glow. But don’t worry, no matter how long you cleanse for you’re transforming at a cellular level and giving you body vital nutrition, rest, and rejuvenation.

Schedule got you bummed? Only have 1 day? That’s great too! Each and every time you cleanse you hit the “reset” button and give your body a fresh start. There’s no perfection needed here! We offer all of our juices by the bottle, so even if a cleanse isn’t in your near future, you can detoxify, alkalize, and energize your body every single day, one sip at a time.

The changing of the seasons is a key time to support your body with a cleanse, particularly in the spring and fall. Many people find a monthly 1 or 3 day cleanse a great way to refresh and reset their lifestyle for optimal health. The cleansing process will allow you to become more in tune with what your body needs, and after a while you’ll know when and how you need to cleanse. Really you can’t go wrong! We promise, there’s no such thing as a juice overload (we would’ve hit that long ago!).
Need further personalized help? Give us a ring at 855-JuiceRX (584-2379) and speak with one of our Cleansing experts. We’re happy to help!

We always recommend consulting your physician if you have any medical concerns before beginning a cleanse. We also don’t recommend cleansing if you are pregnant or lactating, diabetic, or have other serious health conditions.
Even if you’re not ready for a full cleanse, our juices make a wonderful addition to a healthy, detoxifying diet. Try fresh juice in the mornings or throughout your day for added energy and overall wellness!

The cleansing process works on your mind and your body. You can expect to feel some physical symptoms of the detox. Headaches, nausea, bloating, change in bathroom habits, and fatigue are all normal. In fact, it means your cleanse is working! Remember, you’re releasing a lot of toxic stuff. Any symptoms you’re experiencing are actually the body’s process of purifying. So hang in there, and know that you’re on your way to feeling a whole lot better.

You might also feel irritable, foggy, or emotional. The mind is a funny thing, and the mental/emotional side of cleansing can be just as interesting as the physical. Just notice your experience, and practice some loving self care. Drink lots of water, take a nap, go for a walk, listen to soothing music- do what makes you feel good! You’ve taken a huge leap towards vibrant health, so pat yourself on the back for committing to you!

Right here on our website. Just click on any juice to see the nutritional breakdown.

You’re fired up and ready to go, great!
We can’t wait for you to experience the awesome benefits of cleansing. An I’m-healthy-and-loving-it glow is on the way.

Our Regular Cleanse is perfect for both the beginner and experienced cleanser. Use it as a quick “inner clean-up” throughout the year or as a means of “getting back on track” to healthier habits. We put together 6 specially chosen combinations of juice and 1 nut milk for a balanced, energy-boosting, detoxifying cleanse. You’ll love the vibrant flavors and amazing results of this cleanse!

At Juice Rx we Love our greens. And I mean love. And that’s because we know there is no better way to alkalize and cleanse your body than with leafy green vegetables. Our Green Cleanse gets those glorious little micronutrients to your cells with maximum impact. We end each day with a soothing nutmilk to ease the detoxification process. This level of cleansing is good for those with hypoglycemia, candida and frequent sugar cravings, or anyone who simply prefers a little less sugar, more greens, and fantastic taste.

Our Extreme Green Cleanse offers maximum greens with minimal sugars. We jam pack our bottles with dark leafy vegetables (spinach, kale, parsley, watercress, mint and more) along with nature’s most powerful green healing superfood–Sunflower sprouts–to create the deepest cleansing and alkaline-promoting process available. Each day starts with some spice and lemon and continues with 5 delicious green juices. We skip the nut milk and keep it green. Work your way up to this level of cleansing or start off extreme- it’s up to you! The results? Let’s just say the incredible hulk has nothing on your energy and vitality!

Know exactly what you want in a cleanse? Create your own! Our Custom Cleanse option gives you complete control. Pick and choose to your heart’s juiciest desire.

Still confused on what’s right for you? Give us a ring at 855-JuiceRX (584-2379) and speak with one of our Cleansing experts. We’re happy to help!

Our juice is the best you can get, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Juicing delivers your cells with a super concentrated dose of enzymes, minerals, and phytonutrients essential for optimum function. We never process or pasteurize our juices in any way. Heat or pressure, know as HPP, rapidly deteriorates the nutritional and detoxifying quality of the juice. We cold press 100% organic fruits and vegetable in our top-of-the-line hydrolic press, strain out every last bit of pulp, and deliver right to your door, same day. It just doesn’t get any juicier than that!

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