Coffee Almond

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Product Description

We’ve taken coffee to a whole new and healthier place. Cold-brewed coffee, for low acidity and complex favor, blends with fresh, sprouted, raw almond milk. We then add organic stone-ground coconut butter, containing heart healthy medium-chain triglycerides that are absorbed quickly by the body to increase energy expenditure and metabolic rates. The combination of MCT’s, caffeine and red maca provides stable, long lasting energy. Finish with a sprinkle of cinnamon and vanilla for a subtly sweet flavor, and your morning cup o’ joe will never be the same again!

Purified Water, Sprouted (Activated) Almonds*, Cold Brew Coffee*, Medjool Dates*, Thai Young Coconut Meat, Red Maca*, Ceylon Cinnamon*, Vanilla, Pink Salt. (*Organic)

Specs & Features
  • Ingredient:
  • Activated Almonds , Ceylon Cinnamon , Cold-Brew Coffee , Maca , Medjool Dates , Pink Salt , Purified Water , Thai Young Coconut Meat

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